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Related post: Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 06:08:25 -0500 (EST) From: Marc Subject: Raunchy Boy (Part 2)Disclaimer:The following story deals with incest, watersports and pretee child models scat. Topics which some may find barefoot teen models immoral, disgusting and offensive yet practiced among gay men. If you kiddy hentia models have a problem dealing with these topics or are under the age of eighteen, STOP HERE!Raunchy Boy (Part 2) by Rim4youChapter 1The phone rang. Dad excused himself to go downstairs to answer it."I'll be back, Joel, in a couple of minutes."In that interval of petite model pictures time I realised what my Dad had walked into. The fact the he had caught me jacking off didn't dismay me. He had walked in on me going at it on several occassions. We had even discussed mastubation and his view was that there was hyoungmodels nothing wrong with it and that is was normal for boys my teen cristina model age to masturbate.However, this time something seemed different moreso because I verbalized that I wanted he model 3d women to stay. Was I asking him to join me?Now I began to think that I had overstepped my boundaries and that he'd return to my room with a stern lecture ready. nude models gotten Or would he? Or would he simply dismiss it all and say nothing?I was scared and excited all at the same time, much as I was chelda model nude in the lockeroom at school earlier. But blue teen model the events of earlier in the day seemed to fall into place quite naturally. Now things seemed to feel quite different. teenie models board Perhaps I had acted upon my impulses too quickly. Perhaps Dad would overlook what I had just said as merely sexual talk and nothing more.My heart began to beat wildly when I teen model banners heard Dad's heavy footsteps slowly ascending the stairs. He paused at fashionfemalemodelnudetv my bedroom door which was slightly ajar. I expected the worse."That was Alan. He'll be over at around seven-thirty," Dad said.I looked at my clock on the nightstand. That would be a couple of hours. What now?"Dad?""I'll Hot model babes be back in a couple of minutes, Joel."That didn't ease my mind any. Perhaps he was going to think of how I was going to be punished? I lay back down on my bed resigned to the fact that I made a serious blunder and now had to face the consequences.I glanced down at my cock. It was still rock hard and wanting attention. I picked up Alan's jockstrap and sniffed xxx model websites it again. All I knew was that I needed to cum again.Chapter 2I began stroking my cock very slowly enjoying every sensation. I little russian models moved my fingers down to my ass amateur female models and toyed with my asshole. It was still moist from the tongue lashing Coach Stevens had given it. I closed my eyes and let my mind drift back to the events in the lockeroom. I was lost in my fantasies which had finally become a reality. So deeply was I engrossed in every vivid detail modelos hombres desnudos of what had cancam models nude happened to me that I didn't realise the added stimulation I was receiving.I began to moan softly enjoying the pleasure being given to my cock. At first I thought I was leaking pre-cum like crazy because I could feel something playgirl models nude wet on my cock. I contented myself that that was it as I pinched my nipple with one hand and pressed Alan's sandra model daddysgirl jockstrap to little model princess my face."Fuck!" I gasped, gyrating my hips.Now the sensation had changed. Now carrier model 58mvc my throbbing cock was being engulfed into something warm and very wet. I knew then that no fantasy or wet dream could feel that realistic. My cock was being sucked!I could feel the warm lips wrapped around my shaft gliding up and down and a tongue flicking the sensitive underside of my cock. It felt absolutely wonderful.The only person who had given me a blowjob before was Alan and this sure did not feel like pghoto model toplist Alan's kind of blowjob! No. This time the feeling was much more intense. Much slower and jessi model topless more methodical and capable of swallowing every single inch of my cock. A feat that Alan, try as he might, could not do. No. hire model xxx The blowjob I was receiving now was being done by someone who knew how to suck cock.Dare I open my eyes or should I just mellow out and enjoy every single tingling sensation? asain schoolgirl model Slowly I slid the jockstrap usenet child model from off sandra young model of my face, reluctant to let go of the scent it contained that aroused me so much.Cautiously I board models met barely opened my eyes. Just enough to see the blonde haired head bobbing ever so slowly up and down my model alexandra koktovic hard cock. I anderage nude model smiled and moaned my pleasure as I thust my hips upwards to fuck the mouth that was pleasing me.I delighted in the slurpiing teens modelling lingerie sounds and the feel of russianchildmodels something wet trickling over my balls. top models nudes I watched through half closed eyes as a rather large hand caressed my stomach and slowly swirl upwards towards my nipple. Grasping my nub between gothic nude models fingers I felt instantly the pleassure of pain. Not a hurting pain. Rather one that enhanced the sensation I was feeling which was coursing throughout my entire body.I reached down and softly stroked the arm that rested on my chest."Dad! Dad!" I whispered softly.The recognition was answered by another tweak of my nipple without taking his mouth away from my cock. I suppose I wasn't going to be punished for my rather blatant advances after all!I opened my eyes fully to see my Dad kneeling between my child model universe outstreatched legs sucking my cock. From what I could gather he young girls models was naked.Now my Dad is no eyesore. He became a father at the age of eighteen. Like Coach, Dad had joined the Marine Corps and had the physique to prove it. He still worked out at the gym three times a week. Although he was brawny as hell, he was a gentle man with a kind heart. He meant everything in the world to me and I must confess he worked very hard to see to it that I lacked for nothing.Chapter 3I kid girls models knew that if Dad didn't stop sucking me, as much as I enjoyed it, I would cum all to quickly. I didn't want teen models youngest that to happen. I wanted to prolong things for as long as I possibly could."I don't want to cum yet, Dad!" I moaned. "Please don't make me cum just yet."Dad stopped. He realeased his mouth from my cock and sighed as he kissed every inch of my dick. He moved his mouth lower and licked my balls.I watched as he tongued my ball sack and them sucked them into his mouth. He tugged at them gently."That feels so fucking good, Dad!" I gasped. "Suck on my balls! Yank on 'em!"Dad swirled young childmodels japanese my nuts in his mouth and every now and then he'd jerk his head back to give them a good yank. I went delerious with teenage angels models the pleasure he was giving me.Popping my twiggy the model balls out of his teen photo models mouth he worked his way lower. I knew where he was dark teen model heading so I raised my super bikini model legs. He grasped me behind my knee caps and pushed my legs towards my chest nude model danmark spreading my asscheeks wide and revealing to him my puckered asshole. He gazed at my hole and smiled and licked his lips."My ass is dirty, teen model 14yo Dad!" I said, offering a polite protest.Like Coach Stevens, Dad lowered his head. I could feel his nose against my asshole and in the seconds that naked models ru followed, hear his deep, raspy breaths."Fucking sweet boy stink," he girl model pictures sighed, model nude german "fucking dirty hole!""You like that, nonude ls models Dad? You like the way my ass stinks?""Yeah! It turns me on, Joel! You're turning me on, son! All of you!"I reached down and fingerd my nude models colombian asshole, slipping my finger into the moist cavern. In doing so I could feel my finger sinking into shit. How nasty would Dad get with me? As raunchy as I wanted to be?I 14yo model pics withdrew my finger slowly and rubbed what I knew to be a slimy substance over my asslips."Eat my ass, Dad! Eat my dirty fuckhole!"Dad dipped his head once more leg model sexy towards my hole. modelpantyhose I could hear him sniffing."That's so nasty, Joel! Fuck!""Eat it! Eat my fucking shitty asshole, Dad! I'm your youngnude models biz raunchy boy!"Dad gasped and buried his face in my trench. He encircled him lips around my asshole and lapped at it with his tongue porno model teen sweeping my filth into his mouth. He then snapped his head back and shot up into a full kneeling amateur photo models position."Fuck! Fuck!" he shouted, running his fingers over his brown tinged lips. "Fucking dirty ass! Fucking stink, Joel!"I become model porn shot him a wicked, seductive grin."It's what you want isn't it, nn modelz Dad?"Yes! Yes!""You want me to be your fucking raunchy boy don't you?""Oh fuck! Yes!""You want my filth? My stink?""Give it to me, Joel! All of showstars teen models it! child virtual models I want your stink, your raunch, your filth!""Fucking pig! child superstar models Fucking ass slop whore! Cock sucking, shit slurping slut!""Oh yeah! I'll be your fuckiing pig, son! Give it to me as dirty as you want!""Sit on my face, pig! I want to smell and eat a jock-marine ass! Please, Dad!"Like earlier in the day, talking dirty seemed to put me in an hypnotic state. A frame of connie model teen mind wherein all of my inhibitions seemed to crumble. It was as though my cock had become my mind and that it dictated my every move. I couldn't help nor resist the feelings that swept over me. The desires that were welling up within me was nothing short of total depravity and sewer filth and I wanted it. I wanted it from a man!I wanted to be a man's raunchy boy.Chapter 4Like a snake being charmed, I gazed at my Dad kneeling before me. I looked lustfully at his big cock throbbing and jerking between teen model pre his muscular legs. I watched trancelike as his low hanging, hairy ball sack swayed. I wanted him. I wanted every inch of him. I wanted to wallow in his manstink.I gasped upon seeing his cock. The cock that had sired me. It was huge! A hefty piece of meat that I reckoned any man would be more than proud of.Dad noticed my gaze. He grabbed hold teenymodels tgp of his cock at the base and squeezed. It appeared to me that it became even more engourged and bigger."You like my big cock, model teen list Joel?""Fuck!" I gasped."Wanna touch it? Feel this big piece of man cock in your hand, huh?""That's a bull cock, Dad!""You got that right, Joel. Bull cock. preeteen modeles Horse cock or whatever the fuck you wanna call it! kids model naturist It's big and juicy, Joel. It likes to be stroked and sucked. Nothing turns me on more model a apprasial than ramming russian angel models my big cock up some guys shitty hole! I need to get off, son.""You've fucked alot of guys, Dad?""Oh yeah. I get my fair share of girl little model asshole tiny models asian to fuck but not many guys like to fuck dirty and stink. I like to fuck the shit out of a guy. Get real dirty and toppless models female messy. I guess you and I vlad models teen are alike. We're raunchy and nasty to the core!"As Dad talked he stroked his cock leaking his model little girls pre-cum which oozed out of his pisshole onto my dick.Dad's next move was to crawl his way up and over me, russian models thong swinging around so that his full, hairy ass was staring me in the face."Go ahead, son. models in stockings I know you want my ass. Smell it. Kiss it. Lick it. It's nice and ripe. Eat my fucking ass, gay kid model raunchy boy!"The pungent aroma of his ass was the first thing to hit me. strong model her A strong, ripe, robust scent that sent my head spinning with desire and ola young model lust. I grazed my nose up and down Dad's sweaty ass crack savouring the heady smell. Indeed, it was stink, foul and disgusting but raunchy models a kind of repugnance that only aroused me."Yeah! little teen supermodel Fuck! Smell my nasty ass! Fucking smells like shit dosen't it?"I groaned as I buried my face into the forest like trench of swirling hair."Gonna make you smell like a man's asshole!" Dad grunted, as he rubbed his moist, sweaty ass over my tinymodel free pics face. "Fuck yeah! Making my boy smell like a man! You sixteen yo models like smelling like an asshole, Joel?""Yes! Fuck yes!" I groaned. catwalk model agency "Make me smell like shit, Dad! I wanna smell like your turds! Your fucking, stinking turds!""Yeah! That's my raunchy boy. Gonna make you smell like young model nudity my motherfucking shithole! naturist child model My stink, dirty shithole!"Reaching up I pried my asian model fucking Dad's asscheeks teen model ltin apart."That's it, son! Spread those stink asscheeks wide. Oh yeah! Get that pig nose right up to my stinkhole and snort my man funk!"I placed my nose smack dab against the putrid hole and inhaled deeply. The stench was more rancid than Alan's jockstrap and with each breath I took I could feel my dick jerking wildly."Fucking gonna blow you a japanese softcore models girls pre model stink ass kiss now, son! Want Dad's special kiss, raunchy boy?""Yes!" I groaned.Dad bore down and local teen models I could feel his asslips flare open followed by a powerful burst of foul wind that ripped loudly, sloppily and wet from his asshole and shot right up my nose. I shoved my face deeper and nude model 14 more forcefully into his trench."Aaahhh! Yeah! Fuckiing stinking you up real good now.""Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" I moaned, "Get nasty with me, Dad! I filipino girl model want it real dirty!""I know what you want, raunchy boy! Dad's gonna pack his hole up nice and full for you. It may not be tonight, Joel, but real soon.""You promise, Dad?""Count on it, son."Owing to the fact that Alan would be coming over, I had to content myself with sniffing and eating out v teens models Dad's ass. models ls magazin I savoured what juices I could suck out of his asshole as once again he wrapped his lips around my cock and sucked furiously.This time I couldn't hold back. I could feel my balls drawing and tightening against my body. Smelling and slurping on my Dad's ass was all too much. ebony teen model Likewise, Dad was pounding on his meat, his sexy female modells hand flying up and down his shaft."Fuck! Fuck!" I groaned loudly, as I arched my back and felt my cock explode, releasing my creamy load into Dad's mouth.At the same time Dad let out a long, gutteral moan and I could feel his warm wad splattering on my flesh.Panting with emotion, Dad rolled off to the side of me."Jeez!" he gasped. "Fuck!""Am I your raunchy boy, Dad?""Oh yes, Joel! Oh yes!" Dad responded, licking his warm sperm from my body.******************************I welcome your comments. Write to me at
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